Compressed Air Piping

Infinity piping offers the performance of heavy, traditional steel piping at the cost of systems using plastic. Its revolutionary lock-and-seal design ensures a totally safe, leak-free system for all compressed compresss air piping 1air, vacuum and inert gas applications. The solid brass, nickel-plated fittings make the system easy to use and install. Infinity's powder-coated aluminum pipes are so light that they can be handled and installed by one person. There's no welding, gluing or threading; a simple pipe cutter and de-burring tool are the only tools required. With six different piping sizes, Infinity is a sure fit for virtually any industrial and OEM application!

  • Leak free connections provide an immediate seal
  • Extremely lightweight piping makes installation easy and the piping is unaffected by contaminates
  • Fittings can be disconnected and reconnected for reused

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